Some Basic Gear That Are Essential When Training for Kung Fu

It is by wearing essential Kung Fu gear that you can be protected against certain physical injuries while training one of the widely practised mixed martial arts. Groin protectors and mouthpieces, for instance, go a long way in protecting your face and body from impacts that could occur during sparring. So, make sure you have the following gear if you want to perform well in your Kung Fu trainings:

  • Basic clothing for practices includes shorts and shirt for men and shorts and sports bra for women.
  • You should have groin protectors to safeguard your crotch area from injuries and strong impacts.
  • You need a properly fitting mouthpiece that can cover your mouth from hits during sparring and tournaments.
  • Kung Fu shoes should give you utmost support when doing various movements and help you execute routines smoothly. You can buy footwear that is designed with rubber soles for proper floor grip or those that make use of lightweight materials for movement coordination and reduced injury risks.

You might also need to invest in dummies for sparring purposes. Go for a spinning wooden dummy or freestanding plastic Wing Chun equipment that can help refine your footwork and positions as well as develop your power and strength.

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