The Art of Promotion

Setting up a martial arts training centre in a new location requires a broad set of skills, ranging from marketing and advertising techniques such as the use of promotional products to raise your public profile through to interpersonal skills that enable you to retain quality staff and charm individuals when meeting for the first time. With so much to think about, a short guide to promoting your new business venture to the local community may come in handy:

Announce your presence

In order to make a profit, you will need to attract people through the door. The following tips may help you to do this more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

  • Use pens, key rings, coasters and other inexpensive branded giveaways to make people aware of your kung fu school. If you are based in Ontario, the promotional products Toronto firms sell could help you promote your business to local residents and there are suppliers in many other parts of the world for those who are opening schools in other areas. Just getting the name of your school in front of as many people as possible is a worthwhile goal at the beginning.
  • Set up a simple website that outlines what your school has to offer. The URL for your site can be printed on the products that you are handing out to members of the local community, ensuring that everybody has easy access to detailed information on all the services that you intend to provide. Using promotional products in Vancouver and other major cities to promote a website containing all the information prospective students might need can work for district level as well as a citywide marketing campaigns and will reduce the number of telephone enquiries that you have to field in the early days.
  • Hire personable employees to hit the streets and get your branded giveaways into the hands of your target audience . The easiest way to distribute your products to local residents is to approach them in shopping centres, markets and other busy areas.

Your image

Before you can take advantage of the above tips, you will need to think about the kind of image that you wish to project to potential customers. High quality promotional products are more likely to send the right message than cheap giveaways so try not to economise too much when sourcing the pens, hats, t-shirts and other items that you intend to use.